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International Centers for Precision Oncology Foundation

Inauguration of the ICPO Foundation

We are very pleased to be able to celebrate the inauguration of the ICPO Foundation in conjunction with the 20th anniversary of patient treatments at the Center for Molecular Radiotherapy in Bad Berka in 2019.

Precision Oncology and especially targeted diagnostics, imaging and therapy have made enormous progress over the last decades and have finally matured to a point where isotope based theranostics applications are growing fast in number and global use.

Seeing the emerging need for broader international cooperation, standardization, training and implementation of specialized medical infrastructure a group of medical and scientific experts, international philanthropists, patients, and financial supporters have come together to found the ICPO - International Centers for Precision Oncology - Foundation in 2019.

We at the ICPO Foundation are convinced that the new era of Precision Oncology is a paradigm shift towards effective and humane cancer care that should be made available to patients worldwide.

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