Sino-German Platform for Precision Oncology Workshop

This event marked the first of many future collaborations between German and Chinese colleagues.


The purpose of the Workshop was to discuss and develop a common understanding of Radiomolecular Precision Oncology within different sectors including research and development, the medical and scientifc fields, and the private sector.

Topics discussed included how the concept of radiomolecular precision oncology is seen both in Germany and China, how WeChat greatly facilitates communication in China in every sector, and the difference in the level of involvement doctors have with patients. Our Chinese colleagues mentioned that doctors use WeChat as a way to educate patients as they explain different overall medical concepts.


One particular way of doing so is through Tumor Boards. Another very important point at this meeting was understanding the perspective of a patient. It is always important to remember that although the patient may not have an extensive background in the subject of radiomolecular precision oncology it is; however, very important to understand his or her point of view in a compassionate and humane manner.
We at the ICPO Foundation look forward to many more fruitful collaborations with our Chinese colleagues as we further develop our project together.