An inspiring Editorial by ICPO in the EJNMMI

Forward-looking and inspiring message from the ICPO Foundation on how to pave the way toward collaborative growth of theranostics and change the current standard of care for cancer patients by exploring the rising role of radiopharmaceuticals in the precision oncology paradigm shift.


This EJNMMI Editorial is a wake-up call to embrace a community responsibility. Read how the ICPO Foundation today encourages all leaders within the nuclear medicine Community as well as related pharmaceutical, industrial, medical, financial and philanthropic sectors, who recognize the current paradigm shift in cancer care, to champion the ICPO cause by joining as members of its community. Together projects can be initiated with a higher sense of purpose for oncology patients worldwide, so Radiomolecular Precision Oncology lives up to its promise, to be curative and abundant to all patients in need irrespectively of race, country, social status and all else.


Download the Editorial as PDF.