ICPO Foundation and WARMTH enter strategic partnership to promote international Education Standards and support Establishment of new Theranostics Centers

June 13th, 2023. Wiesbaden, GER, and Oakland, USA. The International Centers for Precision Oncology (ICPO) Foundation and the World Association of Radiopharmaceutical and Molecular Therapy (WARMTH) today announced a collaboration to promote international education standards in Radiomolecular Precision Oncology (RPO) and support the establishment and expansion of a global network of Theranostics Centers. The overarching goals of these efforts are to increase patient access to advanced RPO imaging and therapies worldwide, with a special focus on the more than 50 countries represented by WARMTH members.


ICPO Foundation and WARMTH signed an agreement to advance education and infrastructure in RPO through their collective medical and scientific knowledge and extensive networks. Together, WARMTH and ICPO will work on evolving best practice standards and utilize the ICPO Academy for Theranostics Platform to provide state-of-the-art education and training to WARMTH members worldwide working in RPO. The ICPO Academy for Theranostics offers a combination of e-learning education with a multi-level qualification process, as well as tailor-made online courses providing application and equipment specific training. WARMTH intends to involve their international experts to help enhance the ICPO Academy for Theranostics as well as support evolving its content and country specific translations and certifications. Leveraging WARMTH large membership base, ICPO and WARMTH plan to furthermore work together in the establishment of practical training centers, which will complement the e-learning platform with on-site training for the most qualified alumni of the ICPO Academy.


Furthermore, it has been agreed to cooperate on expanding the ICPO Theranostics Center network to WARMTH member countries outside Europe and USA, in order to provide patients worldwide with widespread and democratized access to RPO.


The growing global network of Theranostics Centers will further help expediting innovation and improvement by bringing clinical research and improved patient access to a wider range of countries. It will also enable the development of innovative targets as well as clinical trial designs with multi-centric roll out.  The Theranostics Centers network is intended to serve as a crystallization point for academia and industry providing advanced RPO imaging and therapies to cancer patients worldwide.


“Theranostics, as rising medical field, has shown outstanding results in diagnosis and treatment of cancer since its very beginnings”, said Professor Richard P. Baum, Trustee of the ICPO Foundation. “We are more than excited to join forces with our partner WARMTH to collaborate on such important matters as providing standardized education and training to a very significant number of clinicians worldwide, sharing standardized processes and in turn increasing the number of RPO Centers. Only together we can initiate projects with a higher sense of purpose for oncology patients. We hope that Radiomolecular Precision Oncology lives up to its promise, curative and abundant to patients in need worldwide.”


Professor Mike Sathekge, President of WARMTH, commented: „We are delighted to launch this official partnership with the ICPO Foundation. We have been advocating standardized education and expanded patient access with our growing community for many years. We are convinced that together we can now provide a real a perspecive especially towards those developing countries where patients have little or no access to Theragnostics in Precision Oncology.”


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About ICPO Foundation

The International Centers for Precision Oncology Foundation (ICPO) is a non-profit organization established in 2019 under German law by leading international medical practitioners and life sciences entrepreneurs. Recognizing a paradigm shift in cancer care from one size fits all to a personalized approach, the ICPO Foundation is helping to build momentum to scale global patient access to Radionuclide Molecularly Targeted Precision Oncology to support this shift. To scale patient access, the ICPO Foundation aims to develop an international network of physical diagnostic and therapeutic Centers for Precision Oncology organized in a Social Franchise model based on shared know-how, certified education, and design and process standardization that enables best clinical practice globally. Furthermore, it is the ICPO Foundation’s objective to empower its Centers by embedding them in a highly inclusive Community that spearheads its model and lives up to the Precision Oncology promise, by making it available to all patients in need, irrespective of country or social status.

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The "World Association of Radiopharmaceutical and Molecular Therapy" (WARMTH) extends its activities throughout the world. WARMTH is the first worldwide organization founded to promote the use of radionuclide molecular therapy, and of the relatively novel paradigm of ‘Theragnostics.’ WARMTH is a voluntary non-profit organization of individuals specifically associated for the purposes, and for using the means, to achieve the following research and educational objectives: Advance science and education of therapeutic nuclear medicine and radiopharmaceutical therapy including dosimetry, treatment evaluation, radiation physics, radiation biology and radiation protection for the benefit of public health and humanity; Work towards worldwide access to radionuclide therapy by harmonizing good practice; and Educating nuclear medicine professionals in the use of radionuclide therapies and to facilitate research in this area. WARMTH also plays an important role in identifying new radionuclide therapies and disseminating this knowledge to its members and associates. It also interacts with interested patient’s groups such as neuroendocrine advocacy groups, and others. Being a global society, another important mission of WARMTH is out-looking with a perspective towards those developing countries where patients have had little or no access to therapeutic nuclear medicine.

Learn more at: www.warmth.org


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