For individuals becoming ICPO Friend

In return of a membership fee of 150 EUR per year, renewable, an ICPO FRIEND will enjoy the following benefits and more as ICPO continuously develops new activities and content:


Networking Opportunities

By connecting with professionals from diverse fields of Radio Theranostics, you will foster cross-disciplinary collaborations and enrich your perspectives towards ultimately expanding patient access in your geography. Being an ICPO Friend, you will receive personal invitations as well as the ICPO newsletter, so you are at all times aware of the ICPO Networking Opportunities and connection timepoints with ICPO throughout the year.


Please find here the ICPO Newsletter and the event details of the ICPO Forum 2025 here.


Insightful Forums and Summits

The ICPO Foundation is continuously dedicating resources to creating its own events, both in person and virtual. For each event, the programs are grounded in a sound collaborative approach aiming at solving critical matters for the field of Radio Theranostics while always placing patients in the center and embedding the latest innovation.


As an ICPO Friend you will be empowered to stay ahead of industry and research trends thanks to events organized and hosted by ICPO and led by world-class experts who share their cutting-edge insights and strategies built from decades of patient-centered clinical practice and scientific advances.


Please find the event details of the ICPO Virtual Theranostics Summit 2024 and of the ICPO Forum 2025 here.


Career Advancement Leverage

Thanks to its platforms, namely the ICPO Global Community, ICPO Academy for Theranostics and ICPO Centers Network, ICPO will enable you to showcase your expertise beyond your center or country as well as to expand your knowledge and influence in order to make an impact and improve patient access. This will open doors to new career prospects in the growing field of Radio Theranostics and in turn bridge the patient access gap worldwide.


An illustration of such career advancement leverage is the ICPO Maurits W. Geerlings Next Generation Award for Outstanding Research and Contributions to Actinium-225 Radiopharmaceuticals given on an annual basis.


Please register for an ICPO FRIEND and pay online by clicking below: