Maurits W. Geerlings Next Generation Award

The International Centers for Precision Oncology (ICPO) Foundation honors the Maurits W. Geerlings Next Generation Award presentation for outstanding research and contributions to Actinium-225 Radiopharmaceuticals. This award is named after the great Dutch scientist and visionary Dr. Maurits W. Geerlings who had initiated and pioneered alpha-emitter Actinium-225 research applied to cancer therapy three decades ago.


The Maurits W. Geerlings Next Generation Award is an annual prize and is endowed with EUR 5,000. Young scientists who have done groundbreaking work in the field of actinium-225-related sciences, including theranostics and actinium-225 production will be nominated. The winner is invited to deliver a lecture on their research that will be made available to the international audience of either the Theranostics World Congress or the ICPO Forum as well as widely to the general public. Promoting leading Theranostics research, science and innovation is at the core of the ICPO Foundation mission.


For more information please contact:

Karim Bouterfa
International Expansion Project Manager