Dosimetrie Winter School

The ICPO Foundation is currently planning to sponsor the Dosimetrie Winter School's three day training event in January 2021. The training hosted by the University of Bern will cover the basic concepts of dosimetry and treatment planning for radiogland therapy. The dosimetry of several treatments such as 131I NaI, 131I mIBG, 177Lu-Dotatate, 177Lu-PSMA-617, 223Ra-dichloride, and 90Y microspheres will be discussed.


Additionally, different dosimetry methods such as planar imaging and 3D SPECT/CT will be reviewed. This systematic training will encourage participants to consider dosimetry-guided treatment planning in practice.


The second part of the Dosimetrie Winter School will cover critical issues concerning the development of dosimetry-guided treatment planning. Both the heterogeneity of dose response and corresponding tumor control probability and normal tissue complication models will be explained. Furthermore, the different methods for voxel-wise dosimetry calculation, such as the Monte-Carlo simulation and the voxel-dose kernel convolution will be discussed. This will promote the research exchange and inspire the developments of clinically practical methods for the dosimetry guided treatment.