ICPO Foundation and PreMIT enter strategic partnership to develop a network of Precision Oncology and Theranostic Centers.

F irst-of-its kind global network will enable improved patient access to advanced precision cancer care, provide leading edge infrastructure using the most-advanced imaging technology, and facilitate development of effective radiopharmaceutical therapies.



November 28, 2022. Wiesbaden, GER, and Melbourne, AUS. The International Centers for Precision Oncology (ICPO) Foundation and Melbourne-based PreMIT Pty Ltd (PreMIT), today announced a collaboration to develop a global network of Precision Oncology and Theranostics centers. Through their joint efforts, the parties intend to scale access to Radiomolecular Precision Oncology for cancer patients globally and to foster research & industry partnerships.  


At its core, theranostics uses radiopharmaceuticals to both diagnose and treat various forms of cancer.  As theranostics is still an emerging medical field, both ICPO and PreMIT see the need for an acceleration in the number of clinical sites that:


  • Deliver precision medicine as their mission; 
  • Employ physicians and clinical staff with a strong knowledge base in nuclear medicine and application of advanced molecular imaging techniques;
  • Deploy the most-advanced imaging equipment available to provide the most accurate diagnoses;
  • Use up-to-date protocols to deliver safe & effective treatment options to cancer patients; and
  • Facilitate the development of innovative and effective radiopharmaceuticals for diagnosis & therapy.


ICPO and PreMIT have signed an agreement to establish new Theranostic centers that deliver on those key principles. Using their vast collective medical and scientific experience, along with their broad networks, ICPO and PreMIT will work together, and with local development partners around the world. The facilities will be modeled on reference centers such as the Melbourne Theranostic Innovation Centre (MTIC), PreMIT’s flagship site that will begin clinical services in mid-February 2023.  Construction at MTIC is nearly complete with the Siemens Biograph Vision Quadra PET/CT scheduled to be lifted into the building on 14 January. The partners will define, implement, and monitor best practices, as well as offer educational and qualification programs.


PreMIT through its MTIC site, will contribute its experience in planning, developing, and operating Theranostic centers, as well as in designing and running educational programs. The ICPO Foundation using its knowledge exchange and global community platform, will help establish and monitor quality and certification standards, as well as leverage its international reach to promote setting up new centers.


The network of Theranostic centers will help bridge the gap between research and improved patient access while also facilitating the development of novel radiopharmaceuticals. Partnerships with leading companies and pioneering academic institutions, already support the advancement of innovation in technology and education in Radiomolecular Precision Oncology.


Oliver Buck, Trustee of the ICPO Foundation said: “We are extremely encouraged to join forces with PreMIT and Professor Rodney Hicks who has been a pioneer in Theranostics and Precision Oncology for over 30 years. As a key opinion leader in nuclear medicine and oncology worldwide, Professor Hicks has the unparalleled credentials as well as industry and academic relationships to advance the development of new Theranostics paradigms and provide world-class value for the ICPO Theranostics centers network. We can think of no better partner to lead this important path towards democratizing and scaling patient access to Radiomolecular Precision Oncology worldwide.” “We are very much looking forward to this collaboration with the ICPO Foundation to accelerate the implementation of a shared vision to address the unmet needs of cancer patients in clinical practice and make innovative theranostic approaches accessible to all,” added Professor Rodney Hicks, PreMIT Founder, Chairman, and Chief Medical Officer. “We strongly believe that the international ICPO-Community composed of medical experts, industry and investors will successfully empower and catalyse the establishment of new Theranostic centres of high added-value for cancer patients worldwide.”

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About ICPO Foundation
The International Centers for Precision Oncology Foundation (ICPO) is a non-profit organization established in 2019 under German law by leading international medical practitioners and life sciences entrepreneurs. Recognizing a paradigm shift in cancer care from one size fits all to a personalized approach, the ICPO Foundation is helping to build momentum to scale global patient access to Molecularly Targeted Precision Oncology to support this shift. To scale patient access, the ICPO Foundation aims to develop an international network of physical diagnostic and therapeutic Centers for Precision Oncology organized in a Social Franchise model based on shared know-how, certified education, and design and process standardization that enables best clinical practice globally. Furthermore, it is the ICPO Foundation’s objective to empower its Centers by embedding them in a highly inclusive Community that spearheads its model and lives up to the Precision Oncology promise, by making it available to all patients in need, irrespective of country or social status. Learn more at: www.icpo.foundation


About PreMIT
PreMIT is a research & development company focused on improving the delivery of precision medicine to patients through the development of novel radiopharmaceuticals and breakthroughs in molecular imaging techniques.  It has established the Melbourne Theranostic Innovation Centre (MTIC), a flagship theranostic centre located in the heart of Australia’s Melbourne Biomedical Precinct. Under the leadership of Professor Rodney Hicks, PreMIT in conjunction with its partners applies its collective expertise in nuclear medicine, science, and technology to deliver precision medicine through clinical PET/CT services, research, and development in the emerging field of theranostics.   With its clinical service delivery commencing in February 2023, the MTIC facility will include a Siemens Biograph Vision Quadra PET/CT scanner, one of few such scanners currently installed throughout the world.  Beyond its R&D focus, one of PreMIT’s primary objectives has been to partner with like-minded organisations to realise the vision of the the globalization of its Theranostic Innovation Centres and its Theranostics Training and Education Academy. 


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Media Contact PreMIT
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