B J Madan CEO Taranjt Singh, New Delhi, India, Joins the ICPO Foundation Board of Curators

The International Centers for Precision Oncology (ICPO) Foundation is pleased to announce the appointment of Taranjit Singh, B J Madan & Co.’s CEO, to the ICPO Board of Curators and welcoming B J Madan & Co., New Delhi, India, to the growing group of active supporters.


As an integral member of the ICPO Foundation´s established global network, B J Madan & Co. will support ICPO’s important mission to scale access of Molecularly Targeted Precision Oncology diagnostics and therapeutics for the benefit of cancer patients globally, with a focus on India.


The family business B J Madan & Co. under the today´s ownership and management of Taranjit Singh was founded in the 1950s in New Delhi, India. Mr. Singh took over the family business, active in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry in the 3rd generation and soon focused on the field of Nuclear Medicine. What started under his leadership with PET precursors and F18 Chemistry & Peptides, prospered with great success in the sense of today's modern Theranostics. B J Madan & Co. is at the forefront of bringing a new generation of diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals from suppliers worldwide to cancer patients in India.


Mr. Singh as a strong believer in Targeted Molecular Precision Oncology has agreed to join the ICPO Foundation and drive the standardized application of Theranostics in his country by taking an active role in increasing education and on-site training of medical specialists in India. 


“I am very much looking forward to support the important mission of the ICPO Foundation", said Taranjit Singh, CEO of B J Madan & Co.. "As part of a family business that has been involved in human health for 3 generations, we have a tradition of fostering innovation, identifying potentials and building new and sustainable businesses. For more than 15 years - when Theranostics was still largely unknown - I have been convinced that Theranostics can make a big difference in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer for many patients. I am grateful that through my involvement with the Foundation, I can help create the infrastructure for standardized application and growing patient access of Targeted Molecular Precision Oncology in my country.”


“I am honored to welcome Taranjit Singh to our Board of Curators”, commented Oliver Buck, Chairman of the ICPO Board of Curators. “I have known Mr. Singh for many years as an outstanding entrepreneur and promotor of the Precision Oncology´s cause in India and beyond. His vast network and established trust in the global radiopharmaceutical community combined with his voice and vision will help ICPO Foundation's mission to expand patients access in India and around the world to Molecularly Targeted Precision Oncology.”


“We are excited to welcome Taranjt as a new ICPO Board of Curators Member”, added Odile Jaume, CEO of the ICPO Foundation. "We strongly believe that global sharing of best-in-class expertise and practices is a key growth enabler, especially in a fast growing multidisciplinary field such as Precision Oncology. Hence, we are delighted that Mr. Singh has agreed to join the ICPO Foundation and help scale up theranostic education and patient access in India.”


The ICPO Foundation encourages all leaders from the pharmaceutical, medical, financial and philanthropic sectors to join its cause to set a new standard for treatment and build a global community of International Centers for Precision Oncology based upon our shared knowledge and experience.


About Targeted Molecular Precision Oncology


Targeted Molecular Precision Oncology utilizes molecular and genetic profiling of tumors to identify targetable alterations, which are the used to deliver precise and highly localized diagnostic, imaging and therapeutic agents to the tumor sites. In targeted imaging and therapy radioisotopes are coupled with targeting molecules to either enable high tech imaging of tumors such as PET or SPECT/CT or deliver Beta, Alpha or Auger radiation to tumors on a cellular level. The cancer patient is considered as an individual who should be provided with personalized, targeted therapies, based on their unique biology and targetable structures of the specific tumor. The objective is to determine the most favorable therapy for an individual patient in order to significantly improve treatment results, quality of life and health economics of cancer care.


About ICPO


The International Centers for Precision Oncology Foundation (ICPO) is a German non-profit organization established in 2019 by leading medical and industry entrepreneurs. Recognizing a paradigm shift in cancer care from one size fits all to a personalized approach, the ICPO is helping build momentum to scale global patient access to Molecularly Targeted Precision Oncology to accelerate this paradigm shift. To scale patient access, ICPO aims to develop a network of International Centers for Precision Oncology organized in a social model based on shared know-how, certified education, and design and process standardization enabling validated best clinical practice. Furthermore, the ICPO Foundation empowers its centers network within a growing global, inclusive community spearheading its model and living up to the Precision Oncology promise to eventually be curative and abundantly available to all patients in need, irrespectively of region, country, or social status.


For more information, please visit: www.icpo.foundation.


About B J Madan & Co.


B J Madan & Co, based out of New Delhi, India is a family owned business house in the field of pharmaceuticals, which had its inception in the year 1956.   As the 3rd generation entrepreneur, I inherited this family business, and forayed in the field of Nuclear Medicine in India in the year 2005.


In its pursuit to improve the lives of people living with cancer in India, B J Madan & Co, has been at the forefront, bringing in new generation of Diagnostic & Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals for effective and humane cancer care. We represent many global radiopharmaceutical companies & universities, from across the world, partnering the cause of extending advancement of treatment to cancer patients in India. The journey we started 15 years ago, with an astute focus on Patient Care & Disease Cure.  We have successfully integrated the global innovations of our principal companies into the brilliance, dynamism and clinical efficiency of the nuclear medicine fraternity of India.


For more information, please visit: www.bjmadan.com


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