Become an ICPO Partner

As an ICPO Partner, your organization chooses to engage together with the ICPO Foundation towards its mission to grow global patient access to Radiomolecular Precision Oncology, this on a multi-annual basis, typically a minimum period of 3 years. The Partner Membership comes with the following benefits, and more, as ICPO continuously develops new activities and content:


  • Collaboration Opportunities in the ICPO Centers network development, this within a non-profit Mission Scope


    You will be invited to the ICPO Industry Council advising the ICPO Patient Access and Centers Steering Committee and by connecting with leading experts from diverse angles of Radio Theranostics, therefore breaking usual barriers, you will gain directly from cross-disciplinary collaboration opportunities related to the ICPO Centers network development within a non-profit scope, i.e. focused on education, standards, auditing & best practices optimization, etc.  In turn your organization will directly enrich its perspectives while ultimately expanding patient access in geographies of your choice. This will indirectly support your organization objectives in terms of social responsibility and sustainability. Being an ICPO Partner, you will also receive priority invitations for ICPO events and receptions for your leadership team and staff as well as Members Newsletters from ICPO so your organization stays at all times aware of ICPO activities as well as the connection timepoints with ICPO throughout the year.

    Please find here the February 2023 Members Newsletter and of the program of the 2023 Forum here.


  • Active Participation in Forums and Summits, Federative Events across the Field


    The ICPO Foundation is continuously dedicating resources to creating its own events, both in person and virtual. For each event, the programs are grounded in a sound collaborative approach aiming at solving critical matters for the field of Radio Theranostics while always placing patients in the center and embedding the latest innovation.

    As an ICPO Partner you will become part, via early program review and inclusion in session talks & panels, of events organized and hosted by ICPO and led by world-class experts, including from your organization, who share their cutting-edge insights and strategies built from your patient-centered clinical practice and scientific advances, thus addressing the broad ICPO Global Community with business-neutral non-profit messaging.

    Moreover, you will also be approached by ICPO regarding marketing proposals around ICPO events such as booth & logo feature, social activities exclusive and non-exclusive support or joint press release and social media material. Member discount will apply.

    Please find the program of the 2022 FAP Summit here and of the 2023 Forum here (links to be inserted)


  • Customized Global Reach for your Patient-Centric Innovation


    Thanks to its platforms, namely the ICPO Global Community, ICPO Academy for Theranostics and ICPO Centers Network, ICPO will enable you to position your organization beyond the scope of its own business objectives and to craft customized initiatives labelled “with support of” your organization’s name when it comes to implementing patient registries and clinical trials enrolling patients from medium- and low-income areas of the world as well as in general to expanding your own organization knowledge and influence in order to make an impact on innovation and thereby improve patient access globally.

    As example of such innovation enablers: your organization may decide to fund allotments ofEducation Stipends for the ICPO Academics for Theranostics in different given countries or to finance some new Research Grants and Awards recognizing early career advances in the field.

    Please check the ICPO Academy for Theranostics and the ICPO Maurits W. Geerlings Next Generation Award for Outstanding Research and Contributions to Actinium-225 Radiopharmaceuticals.


To become an ICPO Partner, please send us and email and we will contact you to discuss the collaboration potential between your organization and the ICPO Foundation.