The ICPO Foundation Objectives

A Global Community in Precision Oncology

The ICPO Foundation's main objective is to foster communication between patients, medical experts, industry and governments and to build an international community bringing Precision Oncology and Targeted Isotope Imaging and Therapy to growing numbers of patients worldwide.

Establishing ICPO Reference and Training Centers

To establish Precision Oncology Reference and Training Centers in collaboration with leading medical institutions worldwide.

The Academy for Precision Oncology

To establish an International Academy for Precision Oncology in collaboration with academic and governmental bodies to train growing numbers of required experts in such specialties as targeted isotope imaging and therapy, nursing, radiopharmacy, and medical physics.

An International Network of Centers for Precision Oncology

To establish a global network of International Centers for Precision Oncology, based on Best Practice Standards, Methods, and Qualifications aimed at fostering global expansion and communication amongst the centers.

Supporting Science and Technology Development

To support science and technology development in the field of Precision Oncology. One of our targets is the expansion of available targeted cancer therapies and the further integration of targeted diagnostics, Imaging, and Therapy.

Expansion of Global Access for Precision Oncology Patients

And most importantly to enable a growing number of patients worldwide to gain access to highly efficient theranostics in Precision Oncology and to bring back quality of life to patients and their families in all manners possible.

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