Dear Friends, Supporters, and Valued Partners of the ICPO Foundation,


Building on the success of its 2021 Forum for Theranostics in Precision Oncology, the ICPO Foundation is pleased to host its Theranostics FAP Summit – Targeting the Tumor Microenvironment and Beyond on November 4-5, 2022.


This two-day all virtual meeting will feature world-renowned experts investigating the topic of FAP (Fibroblast Activation Protein), which is highly expressed in cancer associated fibroblasts (CAF) across several tumor entities. FAP’s history, its current state in both diagnostic and therapeutic areas, as well as its future potential will be explored in a series of talks and panel discussions. We will also discuss:


  • FAP History & FAP in Tumor Microenvironment
  • Diagnostics for Oncology and Non-Oncology
  • Clinical Utility & Outperformance of FAP Diagnostics
  • Innovation Diagnostics in Generations of FAP
  • Innovation in Radioligand and Non-Radioligand Therapeutics
  • Patient Access & Regulatory Future of RAP Radiopharmaceuticals


The strong expression of FAP in the tumor microenvironment CAFs, where FAP is overexpressed in about 90% of cancer types, makes FAP a great target in imaging and therapy. In addition to oncology, FAP expression in activated fibroblast has been linked to other patho-physiological mechanisms, including wound repair, fibrosis, inflammation and cardiovascular disease. While FAP is recently targeted by radiopharmaceuticals, other targeting modalities include antibodies, small molecule inhibitors, CAR T cell therapy, and Prodrugs.


In this first event of its kind, the ICPO Foundation has assembled a world-class scientific program and invited representatives from academia and industry to dive deep into FAP, its history and role in biology of disease, current research, and future applications.


Besides whether you are very familiar with FAP or simply curious as to how this buzzed-about target may potentially impact the field of medicine, this Theranostics FAP Summit will be of benefit to you and allow you to raise questions in an interactive way.


We look forward to count you in at our Theranostics FAP Summit as part of the ICPO growing global Community and build a better common understanding of the tumor microenvironment, with focus on FAP, in the perspective of patient access to more personalized, abundant and democratized cancer care.




Sen. HC Udo J. Vetter

Chairman of the ICPO Board of Trustees


Prof. Dr. Frederik Giesel, MD

Scientific Chair of the ICPO Theranostics FAP Summit and Director, Nuclear

Medicine Department, UK Düsseldorf, Germany


Odile Jaume

CEO of the ICPO Foundation


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