Last October 12th and 13th, 2023, the ICPO Foundation has successfully hosted its 3rd ICPO Forum for Theranostics in Precision Oncology physical in the heart of the Science Campus in Garching Munich next to the medical isotope reactors and not far from the world largest Lutetium-177 production facility. ICPO Foundation would like to thank the over 200 hundred participants have attended from 26 different countries in Europe, Africa, India, China, the Middle East, the US, Canada. Besides it is also grateful for the 22 sponsors who have generously supported the event, including Gold sponsors Isotope Technologies Munich SE (ITM) and Novartis.


The ICPO Forum goal was to connect participants across all horizons, including industry, academia, as well as medical and patient societies, associations, foundations, investors, and philanthropists. With its Forum, the ICPO Foundation has brought its Community together and contributed to fulfil its mission to accelerate the paradigm shift in Oncology by implementing a more effective patient-centered focus, irrespectively of race, country, social status and all else.


After official addresses by Mr. Udo J. Vetter, Chairman of ICPO Board of Trustees, Dr. Florian Herrmann, Bavarian Minister of State and Prof. Mike Sathekge, President of WARMTH, keynote lectures were presented by world-class nuclear medicine and oncology experts from Germany, Professor Richard P. Baum, who is also a Trustee of the ICPO Foundation, and Professor Matthias Eiber, as well as from Australia, Professor Andrew Scott and from USA, Professor Oliver Sartor.


At the occasion of its 3rd Forum, the ICPO Foundation has officially launched its ICPO Academy for Theranostics. The main objective of the Academy programme is to disseminate knowledge in Radiomolecular Precision Oncology in order to improve outcome of a patient treated with radiopharmaceutical therapies. The ICPO Foundation would like to acknowledge the Public Private Partnership between the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ) and  Isotope Technologies Munich SE (ITM) which support made the Chinese pilot of the Academy a unique success.


Complementing the education session, an overview of international certified centers initiatives was presented including the development of the ICPO Centers network. Indeed, ICPO believes that scaling patient access can best be achieved through building a global Community and international network of Precision Oncology Centers based on shared passion, knowledge, standards, training, and blueprints, essentially building a common operating model for dedicated and optimized Precision Oncology Centers.


Moreover, the award ceremony of the 2nd Maurits W. Geerlings Next Generation Award for Outstanding Research and Contributions to Actinium-225 Radiopharmaceuticals took place after the Alpha Therapies session of the ICPO Forum. This year two female researchers jointly won the Award, Dr. Sanjana Ballal from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi, India and Dr. Mariza Vorster from the Kwa-Zulu Natal and Inkosi Albert Luthuli Hospital in South Africa. Prof. Mike Sathekge, who had led the Selection Committee, and Dr. Richard Henkelmann from  Isotope Technologies Munich SE (ITM) chaired the ceremony and congratulated the winners. Both Dr. Ballal and Dr. Vorster are dedicated to translating their research into tangible patient benefits and advancing the use of this highly promising therapy, which is aligned with the mission of the ICPO Foundation.


Other sessions were articulated around efforts towards increased patient access, innovation and technology advances, supply chain scale up and delivery of radiopharmaceuticals up to the bedside. All Forum sessions were extended by constructive multidisciplinary panel discussions aimed at opening new avenues to critical global issues for patient care today in the field of Radiomolecular Precision Oncology.