Prof. Richard P. Baum, a pioneer in radioligand therapy, is listed in the TOP physicians ranking by FOCUS Gesundheit

The president of the ICPO Academy for Theranostics is a globally renowned physician in molecular precision oncology for neuroendocrine tumors and prostate cancer.


May 23, 2024, Wiesbaden 2024 – Restoring one's own health is the most important aspect for patients when visiting a doctor. Therefore, it is understandable that patients seek physicians with excellent qualifications and an outstanding reputation. The FOCUS Gesundheit, Physician Recommendation List, presents, after an analysis of 30,000 physicians, those doctors who are considered absolute specialists in their field and stand out for their treatment performance. Prof. Richard P. Baum, Consultant at Curanosticum Wiesbaden-Frankfurt, Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of the ICPO Foundation, President of the ICPO Academy for Theranostics, and ICPO board member has again been included in the TOP Physician list by FOCUS Gesundheit for the second year in a row. Based on the positive assessment, around 4,124 doctors out of a total of over 300,000 practicing doctors in Germany in 126 specialist areas are qualified to use the Focus Gesundheit “Top Doctors 2024” seal.


For 22 years, until the end of 2019, Prof. Baum had been Chairman of the Center for Molecular Radiotherapy and Molecular Imaging at Zentralklinik Bad Berka. Prof. Baum is a clinician scientist who has been involved in the use of radiolabeled monoclonal antibodies for imaging and therapy in the 1980s, in the introduction of Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy (PRRT) for Neuroendocrine Tumors (NET) since 1997 - when he performed the first PRRT in Germany at Frankfurt University Medical Center, where he became Professor of Nuclear Medicine in 1989. Over the past 25 years, he and his team have treated over 2000 NET patients from all around the world with more than 7000 PRRT applications. In 2013, he administered the worldwide first 177Lu-PSMA radioligand therapy (PRLT) to a hormone-refractory patient with metastatic prostate cancer (mCRPC) and later on pioneered the use of a combination of 177Lu and 225Ac-PSMA (TANDEM-PRLT) for the treatment of patients with mCRPC. He currently has clinical experience with over 2,000 radioligand treatments for patients with metastatic prostate cancer. In October 2019, he and his team performed the globally first Peptide-targeted Radiotherapy (PTRT) using 177Lu-FAP (fibroblast activation protein), and currently, he is exploring TANDEM PTRT with 225Ac+ 90Y or +177Lu FAP (peptide).


He was honored with many prizes, such as the Mallinckrodt Award in 1990, the GLORINET Award in 2014 (NET Patients Support Group in Germany), and the Saul Hertz Award in 2019 by the SNMMI (one of the most prestigious lifetime awards in the field of nuclear medicine therapy. Richard P. Baum holds several guest and associate professorships across the continents. He is one of the fathers and an avid supporter of the THERANOSTICS concept and the use thereof in personalized medicine for Radiomolecular Medicine and Precision Oncology – a term he created and prefers to use instead of Nuclear Medicine. Prof. Baum organized the first Theranostics World Congress in 2011, followed by six others in India, the USA, Australia, South Korea, and - just recently - in Santiago de Chile.


His clinical research work includes genetic profiling of tumors, cancer screening by combining liquid biopsies and PET/CT, the development and assessment of metabolic and molecular treatment response criteria, clinical research into new software tools for automated image analysis (e.g. using enhanced artificial intelligence), and molecular radiation treatment planning and dosimetry before and after radioligand therapy.


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The International Centers for Precision Oncology Foundation (ICPO) is a non-profit organization established in 2019 under German law by leading international medical practitioners and life sciences entrepreneurs. Recognizing a paradigm shift in cancer care from one size fits all to a personalized approach, the ICPO Foundation is helping to build momentum to scale global patient access to Radiomolecular Precision Oncology to support this shift. Therefore, the ICPO Foundation aims to develop an international network of physical diagnostic and therapeutic Centers for Precision Oncology organized in a Social Franchise model based on shared know-how, certified education with the ICPO ACADEMY FOR THERANOSTICS, and design and process standardization that enables the best clinical practice globally. Furthermore, it is the ICPO Foundation's objective to empower its Centers by embedding them in a highly inclusive Community that spearheads its model and lives up to the Precision Oncology promise, by making it available to all patients in need, irrespective of country or social status.


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