ICPO Foundation awards ICPO Academy stipends to the Department of Nuclear Medicine at Osaka University Hospital

Prof. Dr. Tadashi Watabe, Medical Doctor at Osaka University Hospital and Associate Professor at Osaka University, is an active member of the ICPO Foundation.


May 6, 2024 – Wiesbaden, Germany, and Osaka, Japan. Today, the International Centers for Precision Oncology (ICPO) Foundation announced a cooperation with the Department of Nuclear Medicine at the Osaka University Hospital. ICPO offers industry-funded stipends for the ICPO Academy for Theranostics to dedicated healthcare professionals worldwide. "Through this agreement, we have the opportunity to provide advanced training in theranostics to team members of the Department for Nuclear Medicine at Osaka University Hospital. This will help close the gap of professionals needed for this innovative cancer therapy of Radiomolecular Precision Oncology worldwide," says Odile Jaume, CEO ICPO Foundation. Prof. Watabe is an active member of the ICPO community and supports international congresses and workshops such as the Theranostics World Congress or the upcoming workshop "Translational Nuclear Medicine: Theory and Practice" in cooperation with Prof. Frederik Giesel, Chief Physician and Director of the Clinic for Nuclear Medicine at the University Hospital Düsseldorf.


Osaka University Hospital, known for its dedication to excellence, places significant emphasis on research and development in the medical field. The hospital actively engages in the development and application of cutting-edge medical practices, adhering to rigorous regulations governing clinical research, such as the Clinical Trials Act. Nuclear Medicine serves as a cornerstone of Osaka University Hospital's diagnostic and therapeutic prowess. Equipped with state-of-the-art PET-CT and SPECT-CT scanners, the hospital specializes in diagnostic nuclear medicine and radiopharmaceutical-based treatments.


Dr. Tadashi Watabe, Associate Professor at Osaka University's Department of Nuclear Medicine, leads groundbreaking research in targeted alpha therapy. He is the Principal Investigator for the Alpha-T1 trial for thyroid cancer using [At-211] NaAt, and upcoming trials for castration-resistant prostate cancer using [At-211] PSMA-5. With over 100 peer-reviewed publications, his work focuses on preclinical development of At-211 and Ac-225 therapies, and theranostics with FAPI inhibitors. "We are deeply grateful to the ICPO Foundation for this collaboration. The training provided by the ICPO Academy will not only enhance the qualifications of our team in the field of theranostics but also underscore the value of our contributions to Radiomolecular Precision Oncology," explains Prof. Tadashi Watabe.


The main objective of the ICPO Academy for Theranostics is to disseminate knowledge in Radiomolecular Precision Oncology to improve the outcome of a patient treated with radiopharmaceutical therapies. The academy offers a comprehensive online educational program, developed by the ICPO Foundation, and powered by its global community of experts. It features over 50 hours of content taught by over 30 leaders and experts. The primary audiences of the ICPO Academy for Theranostics are clinicians, researchers, physicists, and radiochemists as well as nurses and technologists, who seek to integrate Radiomolecular Precision Oncology in patient care. The content is available in different languages.


The curriculum by the ICPO Academy for Theranostics has been developed under the guidance of its President, Prof. Richard P. Baum, a world leader and pioneer in nuclear medicine and Radiomolecular Precision Oncology, together with prominent Pillar Leaders, international experts in their respective fields, namely Prof. Vikas Prasad (Radiomolecular Precision Oncology), Prof. Thomas Beyer (Medical Physics), Prof. Frank Rösch (Radiochemistry), Linda Gardner and Josh Mailman (both Nursing and patient management).


About ICPO Foundation
The International Centers for Precision Oncology Foundation (ICPO) is a non-profit organization established in 2019 under German law by leading international medical practitioners and life sciences entrepreneurs. Recognizing a paradigm shift in cancer care from one size fits all to a personalized approach, the ICPO Foundation is helping to build momentum to scale global patient access to Radiomolecular Precision Oncology to support this shift. Therefore, the ICPO Foundation aims to develop an international network of physical diagnostic and therapeutic Centers for Precision Oncology organized in a Social Franchise model based on shared know-how, certified education with the ICPO Academy for Theranostics, and design and process standardization that enables best clinical practice globally. Furthermore, it is the ICPO Foundation's objective to empower its Centers by embedding them in a highly inclusive Community that spearheads its model and lives up to the Precision Oncology promise by making it available to all patients in need, irrespective of country or social status.


Learn more about the ICPO Foundation at www.icpo.foundation and about the ICPO Academy for Theranostics at www.theranostics.academy.


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